Duukze is…

Marjolein Nieuwland…my diveteam.

Duukze guarantees safety, a good time and lots of fun during your education. This guarantee is given by PADI Master Instructor Marjolein Nieuwland and her staff. All the courses are of course given according to the guidelines provided by PADI.

Marjolein Nieuwland (Duukze)I started diving in 1999 and after a slow start I got so enthusiastic that I became an instructor in 2002. Iam interested in many diving areas and this is why I, next to all the courses, can also teach in 22 specialties.

Marjolein Nieuwland
+31 651 128014

…a wonderful team from Oldenzaal.

I became infected width the divingvirus after a vacation in Egypt in 2004. Athe the moment I am an Assistand Instructor. Marjolein always gets people enthusiastic and people always enjoy going under water. During the course she is always very serious, but once we get out of our divingsuits we have already a good time.

Peter Borgmann (Duukze)So to people who also like adventure and want to see the amazing world under water up close and perosnal I can only say: come and have a look around!

Peter Borgman
+31 629 065936

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