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PADI has different special programs, which can help you to learn more on a topic of your choice – in a short period of time.

The following specialties can be done.

  • Peak Performance Buoyancy – perfect buoyant diving
  • Project AWARE – how to protect your diving environment
  • AWARE coral reef conservation – coral, and how to deal with it
  • Altitudediver – learn to dive at an altitude over 300 meter
  • Boatdiver – everything you have to know to dive of a boat
  • Deepdiver – what do you experience when you dive deep
  • Driftdiver – how to dive in a currant
  • Drysuitdiver – learn the difference between a wet and a dry suit
  • Nitrox – diving with enriched air
  • Underwaternaturalist – getting to know nature in your environment
  • Underwaternavigator – how to find your way under water
  • Nightdiver – go into the night, and learn the skills
  • Search and recovery – finding lost objects
  • Wreckdiver – how to approach a wreck and how to deal with it
  • Underwaterscooter – enlarge the distance with an underwaterscooter
  • Multilevel diver – learn to calculate with different depths
  • Underwaterphotographer – photography under water
  • Digital-underwaterphotographer – collect photos digitally
  • Underwatervideographer- rules for filming under water
  • Atlantis/Dolphin rebreather – diving without bubbles
  • Ice diver – Learn new skills and a new world under the ice
  • Finkick – Different ways to move in the water

How many dives you make differs per course.

For more information you can contact us, call or mail.

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