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Sharm El Sheikh


This is the last step before you can become an instructor.

All the skills that you have learned will be brought to perfection and you will also learn how to teach, so that you can help your instructor on an even higher level.

The length of the course, same as with the Dive Master course, depends on your own time and effort. You will be tested more in the area of teaching and you will be tested on presentations like giving lesson modules, the diving skills, plans for diving, and logistics. After passing the several theoretical exams, and the fitness test you will be one step closer to becoming an Open Water Instructor.

An intensive course in which your teacher will guide you on a personal level and the duration of the course is flexible. After the course you will be able to teach several PADI programs yourself!

The content of the course is individual and will be planned together.

Dive deeper into teaching and going under water.

Call or mail.

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